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Town of New London, NH

Granite State Track & Field 2018

Register online by clicking the link below New London Recreation Dept presents: Granite State TRACK & Field AGES: 9-14 years old. 

LOCATION: Colby-Sawyer track at Kelsey fields FEE: $25 .Open to Boys/Girls ages 9-14. This national program features events such as softball throw, standing long jump, relays and long and short distance running.

This program is being sponsored by New London Recreation Dept. For additional information please contact Scott Blewitt, Recreation Director at or 526-6401.

Welcome to Granite State Track and Field!

Cost: $25 

Track Practice will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:30p at the Colby Sawyer: Sally Shaw Veitch Track and Field off of Seaman’s Road starting May 8th 2018

We would love your help as a volunteer – let us know if you are interested!

Looking forward to a fun season, Granite State Track has a rich history and we are excited to carry on the traditions and be part of this program.

More information about the Granite State Track and field program can be found at:


What should my child bring?

Please be sure to bring sneakers (broken in) and plenty of water, dress for the weather & activity, bug spray and come ready to run and be part of a team!


What age does my child participate in? A participant’s age is as of December 31, 2015.

Born in 2006-2007 (9 & 10 Year Olds)

Born in 2004-2005 (11 & 12 Year Olds)

Born in 2002-2003 (13 & 14 Year Olds)


What dates should I make sure are in my calendar other than practices Tuesday & Thursdays?

Local Meet will at Newport High School Track TBA

Regional Meet will be in Lebanon, Saturday, June 17th

Register & sign waiver at: click “Join at Team” then selecting the New London Recreation Team

State Meet will be in Pelham, Friday, June 23rd (must qualify in the Regional meet to compete)


What are the events that my child can participate in? (Note: some have age restrictions) Running Events:

50 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 1/8 lap – sprint & no 13-14 age group)

100 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 1/4 lap - sprint)

200 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 1/2 lap- sprint)

400 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 1 lap – middle distance)

800 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 2 laps – middle distance)

1600 meter dash (Distance on a regular track: 4 laps – long distance & 13-14 age only)

4 x 100 meter Relay - Distance on a regular track: Each participant (there are 4 on a team and must be in the same age group) runs 1/4 lap and hands off a baton to their team mate at the exchanges (see the 100 meter above and batons are provided)


Field Events:

Standing Long Jump

How It's Done: Stand behind a straight line, bend knees, swing arms, and try to jump as far as possible. You are measured by the closest point to the jumping line and have 3 attempts at each meet.


Softball Throw (ball is two sizes – smaller for younger age group and larger for older age group)

How It's Done: From behind a straight line, throw a softball as far as you can. You may take a running or a standing start. It is measured where it makes initial contact with the field. You have 3 throws per meet.



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